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  • Ijanae (Monday, January 08 24 09:49 am EST)

    ijanae kissi
    9:44 AM
    I had this dream what looked like a portal it was like a bright red color it had like yellowish light shining from around it, so I’m looking at it an at the moment I don’t even know wht I’m looking at exactly… it was pitch black dark around it all I could see was this portal growing red! So I’m like it beautiful bc all I seen was the light… then this voice told me to look at the portal with what looked like a magnifying glass but this time look farther! So I begun to look… and this magnifying glass gave me like super vision… so while I’m looking into the portal wht looked like a lake of fire, it was glowing so bright I’m looking in this lake of fire!!! I’m seeing people :pleading_face: :broken_heart: they looked as if they were skeletons drowning and screaming, this cry they had wasn’t one I ever seen… it was literally a death cry… they’re hand were up as if they was reaching for someone to pull them out… there mouths opened wider than normal.. they screamed to the point that there mouths ripped opened tearing each side. I kept looking and I’m seeing demon in the mist of this fire there glowing red off the light from the lake!! There was one I seen…an it was so tall!! It looked as if it had wings but they were burning also! I got so scared!!!! And this voice begun to talk to me saying that this demon performs… dressing this place up to be beautiful to the human eye… deceiving thousands of ppl to come to this place!!!! It was so scary!!! I seen so many ppl in this lake and the demons were like bring more here laughing (edited)

  • Pastor Lorenzo Hargrove (Friday, December 29 23 09:02 pm EST)

    I thank the Lord for sparing this life he has loaned to me. I testify to all of thing's GOD has done for me.

  • Ijanae (Tuesday, December 26 23 09:20 pm EST)

    ijanae kissi
    6:19 AM
    I had this touching dream :face_holding_back_tears: I was in This very dark house I was terrified, I was walking around this place an all I’m seeing is demons! an these demons begun to speak at me telling me that I’m not Good enough to be a Christian, they would tell me that the Holy Spirit wasn’t in me, saying all this stuff to me and began to cry :cry: like really break down, I was scared and wondering where am I why is it do dark! I couldn’t find light nowhere! I was sitting on the floor and I start crying out to Jesus :pleading_face: saying I need you! Jesus!!? An while I’m crying this man in a white long robe walks through the back door of this house!! Towards me! The moment I seen him the demons around me ran!!! They ran so fast full of fear!! I’m looking at this man bc his presence struck me I never felt love like this!! I couldn’t see his face! It was like blurry!! But he was so beautiful! He said he couldn’t show his face!! he made it that way to protect me! He walked up to me and started quoting bible scriptures and he wiped my tears away :pleading_face: I don’t remember all the scriptures but he said that he chose me! And he also repeated this one scripture to me about 5 times! Matthew 16-17,18! Ik he kept saying and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it! His voice was like no other! It was so beautiful!! I couldn’t even speak! I couldn’t move either!! He told me to don’t be afraid! Because he’s always with me!! :face_holding_back_tears: :blush: it was like he could read my thoughts bc everything I wanted to say he just openly replied! Without me ever saying it. After that he walked back to the back door of this house! An he just stopped he turned his face half way not fully!! An a light brighter then the sun was shining off his face lighting the entire house! He wouldn’t turn so that I could see his entire face but he only turn enough so I just could see inches of his face! The light was so bright and powerful I can’t even put it into words! That’s when I realized that if I seen his entire glory it would’ve killed me!! Bc just that little lifted me straight into the air!! I was literally floating it felt on so real. The power from this light shining off his face was so strong that it floated me right out of the house like he wouldn’t let the light hit me! It was like a shock wave thts how the light hit the house destroying anything tht wasn’t clean! He said nobody can see his face fully and live! So I’m sitting on the ground outside this house! But all I could think about was how I wanted to go with him!! I knew it was Jesus the moment this man stepped foot in this house! I just start running telling ppl I seen Jesus lol :smiling_face_with_3_hearts: :innocent: I was jumping an screaming just so happy!! He told me to be humble! Obey his word! And to not be afraid!! He showed me how he was there for me when ppl were persecuting me! He said the most beautiful thing to him was when I chose peace over violence! He told me when I asked for forgiveness to a person who hurt me that it actually made him to happy :smiling_face_with_3_hearts: God smiles when we obey him!! Even the little things. He loves it so much! I seen what looked like an alligator… it was following me it wanted to destroy me! I was running from it! An it was very big an close to me! Then I screamed at it “in THE NAME OF JESUS!! and this thing mouth was shut by God! It couldn’t attack me! Then ofc I woke up. I decided to write it into the chat now so tht I would remember :sweat_smile: lol! God is amazing I do encourage you all to stay strong in the lord bc his always there. :pray::skin-tone-4: and merry Christmas I love you guys

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