Meet Our Followers

Our current Followers and Leaders have been volunteering in their communities for many years, and they bring with them an incredible ability to lead, inspire and care for those that need it.


With 7 years of volunteer experience among them, our Followers and  leaders prGhost Power Ministries Church Inc with the inspiration and direction to keep the organization moving forward and expanding in new areas based on our coy's needs as the lord see fit .




Lorenzo Hargrove is Founder and Pastor of the Holyghost Power Ministries Church in Philadelphia, Pennylvania. Pastor Lorenzo Hargrove shepherds followers of Christ  varying in age, race and socio-economic backgrounds.  
Holyghost Power Ministries Church was birthed in July 2007, located at 2041 Stenton Avenue Philadelphia PA 19138 And currently active at 4311 Oakmont Street Philadelphia PA 19136.  HGPMC humble beginnings began with 8 followers.  Focused on the young adolescents and Adults in the community. 

Ijanae Kissi 

Bio : One of the sweetest humblest God fearing woman  of GOD. Who loves the lord with all her heart. She has an anointed voice from heaven to sing to the LORD. Ijanae gifted with many gifts and talents. She loves to sing, Sketch, Draw, Write poems, Head of the praise dance Team. Ijanae  worship and ministers through song. Ijanae is one of our close spiritual daughters in the faith. Ijanae is not just  our spiritual daughter but family of the faith with a powerful testimony waiting to share with the world. We are glad she is apart of the church family  and many more to come!!!

The Jenkins Family

This family is one of the best families in the entire world . First meet them at Greater St Luke Church located 2124 w Oxford Street Philadelphia PA 19121. And fell in love with them.

Joy White



Bio: Started with the Ministry 2013 keeping the faith still remaining strong have a heart for the lord and very sincere for God . Ministering to the lost with 4 beautiful daughters and married to a wonderful man . Help with outreach of whosoever  gospel mission donating of merchandise and helping  the less fortunate . Joy is a great asset to the ministry and community  always willing to help 

Sean Stacks

Bio : One of the God fearing man of his time who loves the lord with all his heart and and will not trade it for nothing in this world . Fighting for the cost of christ and remaining a warrior . Sean has shine the light in this ministry with his amazing testimony of how God has delivered him and still delivering him from the streets . And has become a remarkable man of God . He continues to study the word of God to prepare for the devil tactics  . Is a father with beautiful children Sean continues to strive for excellence !!!

Darlene White

Bio : The daughter of Joy White One of the well educated woman of all time . She is a college major studying  Childcare Education . She is known in our ministry as the College Girl beautiful smile and hard worker. She continues to further her education and refused to be distracted by anyone . She has a spirit of diligence and a heart full of compassion. I call here my spiritual daughter been with us since 2013 with a beautiful daughter name Kezyiah. Darlene has been one of the faithful followers and pillars of the ministry and a still growing strong. 

Christina Thompson



Bio :  Christina Thompson ( Moe ) is one of the remarkable sisters in Christ . She is one of the Anointed , Intelligent , nicest , loving , kind closest friend and sister  to

 Pastor Lorenzo Hargrove . She has devoted herself to the call of Christ and Holy Ghost Power Ministries Church online . Christina helps in any way she can whereever and whenever she is needed in this ministry . She devotes herself well in the lord with all her mind , body and soul . She is a Evangelist at heart and loves to do God holy will . She is a faithful mother and wife and is ready to annihilate the devil in every opportunity the devil sticks his nose up . She is a spiritual soldier and ready to subjugate whatever negative problem occurs .She is as real as can be cant get no better than that . Keep doing God will Sister !!!

Justice Myles ( To The Left of Photo )

Bio : Justice is a sweet and kind hearted young lady who join our online ministry over the social media and over the phone prayer with talk sessions . She  lives in mississippi and loves the lord . She is one of our online followers who will be paying us a visit from time to time . She is a faith online follower and have a sincere heart for God and will tell you in the minute that " God made me who i am and no one cannot change that " . She is a twin with 3 sisters and 2 brothers . She continues to excel and push her self above and beyond expectations in Christ Jesus OUR LORD .

Awanda Hargrove

Sister Of Pastor Lorenzo Hargrove . Awanda Hargrove is one of the down to earth sisters . along with Tyeesha Hargrove, Shirley Hargrove , Sherrita Williams, Larnese Driscoll . Awanda pushes herself to the limit taking care of her 2 beautiful children Damon Jr and Jaiyln Hargrove  . Awanda strive for perfection even when things get rough and the going gets tuff . She is determine no matter what to excel and achieve whatever she sets her mind and heart to. I give it up for my sister Awanda Hargrove for holding it Up in Norristown PA .

Tyeesha Hargrove

Bio :  Sister of Pastor Lorenzo Hargrove Tyeesha is  another sister  who works really hard going to work to provide and to make the best out of everything for her children . She is top of the line as a Mother and sister she goes beyond what she is called to do . She fear God to the upmost and strong in her faith to God . Keep up the good work

Lady Katrina Hargrove

Co - Founder


Bio: Sister Katrina Hargrove started her volunteer work as an assistant Teacher  for a small Daycare Center in Norristown PA . She moved to Philadelphia with her Husband in 2005 who she been married for 14 years to Pastor Larenzo Hargrove  in the year 2000 and, having witnessed the negligence and despair within our own communities, founded Holy Ghost Power Ministries Church Inc to make Philadelphia a better place. She loves working with children and meeting new people and is dedicated to creating and expanding children's programs for Holy Ghost Power Ministries Church Inc.


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