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  • Pastor Lorenzo Hargrove (Sunday, April 21 24 10:45 pm EDT)

    To: Jeremy
    There is a Hell and there is a devil. There is evil on the earth you cannot deny that. The devil means evil. There is a hell on earth as well where the wicked is punished or any those who do a crime. If there is hell on earth there is diffinetly a hell beyond earth. The bible speaks of it and itf you dont believe that your preference but i know hell is real and the devil is real by my supernatural experience i know for myself.

  • Jeremy (Wednesday, February 14 24 03:43 pm EST)

    Why do people want you to believe that there's such thing as the devil and there is not and why do they want you to believe they're such thing as hell and there is not it is so stupid people wanting you to believe in that nonsense.

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